How To Shop

There are a number of ways to find items in the store.

1. If you have any questions about our eCommerce site please send an email address to [email protected]

2. If you know the SKU (model number), type it into the Search the store feature at the top of the store home page. And you don’t need to enter the entire SKU to narrow the options.

Example: type in ‘ACC-‘ and the list will narrow to all items that contain ACC-.

3. If you know the Product Name, type it into the Search the store feature at the top of the store Home page.

Example: type in ‘Ram Mount’ and the list will narrow to all items that contain Ram Mount.

4. Use the Categories located to the left of the Home page.

a. Shop All will let you browse through all items for sale.
b. If you select one of the other hardware tracking options, the items will narrow to those that are supported by the selected tracking device.
c. The > means that there is a sub-menu with options that will narrow the list of items even more.
d. While viewing the narrowed list of items, there will be Hot Links that will show you what you selected to get to this list and you can select a different option.

Example: Let’s say that you selected LMU 4200 / No Engine Diagnostics / No Peripherals, this will display above the list of items. If you really wanted the option with the Operator Panel, select the No Engine Diagnostics link, select Operator Panel and the appropriate items will be presented to you.

5. What if you don’t know what tracking devices are installed in your vehicle? Log into Silverling/Synovia and view the Hardware page. Find the vehicle(s) in question and the system will tell you the tracking device e.g. LMU 3030 that is installed in that vehicle.Steps to view the product line in Synovia.

If you are logged into Synovia and want to go directly to the Hardware page, click this URL or paste it into your browser:

6. If you are registered on the store, there will be a record of all purchases that you make. In the future, you can reference prior purchases to identify the items that you want to re-order. 

7. If you are tax exempt, please send an email to [email protected] and we will update your registration.

8. If you are having issues with accessing the eCommerce site, be sure that the site is registered with web access software like Securly if those types of solutions are in use in your organization. 

9. Still have questions, call the toll-free number at 877-796-6842 or send an email to [email protected] and someone from Synovia Solutions will help you.