• LMU 4200 Wiring Harness (HAR-4200-15)

    LMU 4200 Wiring Harness

    Wiring harness for the CalAmp 4200 series of tracking devices. SPECIFICATIONS: Length: 15FT (5M) COMPATIBLE HARDWARE: CalAmp LMU 4200 tracking device
  • LMU Windshield Antenna (3G/2G)

    LMU Windshield Antenna (3G/2G)

    Windshield (or dash) mount antenna. SPECIFICATIONS; Stingray Adhesive Glass Mount GPS/GALILEO/Penta-band GSM/CDMA/UMTS/WCDMA Puck Antenna High Grade 3M Double Sided Tape 3M RG-174 –...
  • Micronet A317 Cable

    Micronet A317 Cable

    Cable that connects directly to the Micronet tablet on one end and to a quick connect cable on the other. COMPATIBLE HARDWARE: Micronet A317 Tablet