• LMU 4200 Wiring Harness (HAR-4200-15)

    LMU 4200 Wiring Harness

    Wiring harness for the CalAmp 4200 series of tracking devices. SPECIFICATIONS: Length: 15FT (5M) COMPATIBLE HARDWARE: CalAmp LMU 4200 tracking device
  • LMU Windshield Antenna (3G/2G)

    LMU Windshield Antenna (3G/2G)

    Windshield (or dash) mount antenna. SPECIFICATIONS; Stingray Adhesive Glass Mount GPS/GALILEO/Penta-band GSM/CDMA/UMTS/WCDMA Puck Antenna High Grade 3M Double Sided Tape 3M RG-174 –...
  • 4225 JPod cable for engine diagnostics

    Heavy Duty JPod Cable

    JPOD Cable for heavy duty engine diagnostics.  This is a Y cable and allow fault codes to be read. COMPATIBLE HARDWARE: CalAmp LMU 4225
  • OBDII 'Y' Splitter Cable

    A Y-cable for a light duty tracking device used to plug directly in to the OBDII port then attach the tracking device to one end leaving the other end for plugging into the hand held tester to...
  • Emergency Button Guard

    Emergency Button Guard

    This switch guard protects the stand-alone emergency (panic) button that is installed in the vehicle so that the driver can easier access it in the event of an emergency and will replace a guard...
  • LMU Windshield Antenna (4G)

    Windshield (or Dash) mounth antenna. Compatible with the LMU 4233 SPECIFICATIONS: Adhesive Glass Mount 2in1 GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO & 4G/3G/2G LTE GPS-GLONASS-GALILEO 1575-1610MHz 3M RG-174...